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Most vintage style LEDs achieve their looks by stringing the light-emitting diodes together into fake filaments inside of the bulb. The way those filaments are arranged can make a big impact on the way the light actually looks when you turn it on.

Things considered for creating this list

  • Aesthetic Looks
  • Dimming
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index)
  • Options & Variant

tala lighting logo
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Tala – is an award-winning lighting brand, founded on the premise that good design can help mitigate climate change. From the functional to the decorative, Tala’s versatile range of LED lighting has been designed to complement interiors and spaces around the world.Built from superior components, the result is unparalleled performance and quality suitable for modern day living.

buster + punch

Buster + Punch lighting collections are designed to work in harmony with each other and cover all areas of the home and commercial space. Made from solid metals and rare marbles, Buster + Punch lights are finished with their signature knurling pattern and coin screw detailing. Their lighting collections comprise of CAGED, STONED, HERO, HOOKED and HEAVY METAL and are all designed to work with ground-breaking LED light bulbs.

segula lighting logo

LED technology in its most beautiful robe. All product of SEGULA Design Line are equipped with the patented Soft Filament, which not only captivates by its appearance, but also possesses a very high light quality

Calex lighting holland logo

The light sources in this category make your home or venue stand out. They are original and unique: each lamp is handmade. Whether you choose a combination or a separate one, the collection provides an attractive addition to any interior.

GE Lighting

GE Lighting – Future, meet the past. With their vintage shape, these bulbs add a dimmable, energy efficient, and long-lasting charm to any space.


Amarcords is specialized in producing vintage lamps.Distinguished within interior/exterior design, the company supplies its products to the Italian and European lighting market.Lamps, cages, cupolas or bells; metal, glass or porcelain: a lively combination of shapes and materials, linked to an endless array of colorful wires, allows lighting to be the true protagonist of an idea.

Light games and retro atmospheres transform into visual emotions to live indifferent spaces such as private homes, lofts, locales, restaurants, gardens andterraces.Amarcords, light as the perfect blend between vintage and technology.


Plumen was founded in 2010 by Nicolas Roope and Michael-George Hemus, they created the name Plumen, a combination of “plume,” the decorative feathers of a bird and “lumen”, the measurement of light, which reflect the values of the company. Our Original Plumen 001 bulb was the world’s first designer low energy light bulb. We couldn’t understand why the humble light bulb – the very symbol of new ideas – hadn’t really evolved in almost 150 years.

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