The 30 Best Square-Toe Boots We’re Wearing This Season

If you look through the annals of boot history, right behind the pointed-toe shoe stands her stepsister, the square-toe. Instead of fighting for the spotlight, square-toe is comfortable in the shadows of her popular sister. In fact, she has created her identity thereit’s actually what makes her cool. Like Solange and silver, those who wear square-toe shoes do so because they identify with her energy. To me, square-toe boots look a little bit grotesque in the absolute best way. They aren’t pretty in the conventional sense and call us to dig a bit deeper to see their beauty, which is precisely why I am drawn to them. 

This fall, square-toe boots have arrived in every shape and style from ’60s mod to ’90s sitcom, space cowgirl to witchy. Keep scrolling to find the best pairs for every price point across the internet. Your new bestie boot is waiting for you.

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