Giveaway: Fashion People Are Obsessed With This Silk Scarf

When it comes to drumming up reasons to shop, celebrating a birthday is at the tippy top of our lists. So, with today being Who What Wear’s birthday (our 15th birthday, to be exact), it felt like the perfect time to kickstart some shopping incentives. And yes, gifts are included, but they aren’t for us. Instead, they’re for everyone that made this year’s momentous anniversary possible in the first place. The people who read Who What Wear back when the site featured a single daily story; followed along as we created or incubated Byrdie, MyDomaine, Obsessee, THE/THIRTY, JoyLab, Versed, and Merit; and supported the launch of not one, but two clothing lines in Who What Wear x Target and Who What Wear CollectionHint: We’re talking about all of you. 

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