48 Best Gifts For Knitters – For Oct 2021

When choosing a present for crafty friends or family, it’s challenging to decide. Especially gifts for the knitter who has everything!

I’ve included a diverse list of best gifts for knitters. A gift guide with the best unique gifts for knitters to suit a wide range of tastes.

Want some good gifts for knitters? You’re in the right place. Read my recommendations of products and shops that make great gift ideas.

1 – Bulky Arm Knitting Kit

Create A Gorgeous Chunky Blanket

Wool Experts Giant Merino Wool for chunky arm knitting or knitted blankets

Super Chunky Equals Super Fun! Looks lovely in your home. Anyone would adore this luxurious wool. Beautiful soft giant-sized merino wool.

2 – Knitting Charm Bracelet

Carry Your Knitting Passion Everywhere

Charm The Knitter In Your Life

Charm the knitter in your life! Not sorry about the pun. 🙂 Gorgeous silver charm bracelets on Etsy with a selection of cute charms.

3 – Knitted Stockings Decoration

Cute Festive Decor!

 Knitted mini Stockings by BeeDee Collections

Instead of knitting-themed stocking stuffers, why not these knitted mini Stockings? Adorable hanging on a tree or strung together to make a garland.

These are some of the best Christmas gifts for knitters.

4 – Personalized Stockings

Perfect For Above The Fireplace

Knitted Christmas Stockings

Traditional colors & fun motifs such as trees, snowflakes, reindeer, Santa, Mrs. Claus & Snowpeople. Many lettering colors are available on the Etsy listing.

5 – Knitting Books

Get Inspired With These Reads

A perfect way to pass the time. I’ve reviewed fabulous knitting books in my article.

A fabulous book is The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater: Essays On Crafting by Alanna Okun.

6 – Audiobooks

Read Anywhere, Anytime

Audible has great deals on fantastic audiobooks. Listen to a variety of books. No matter the person’s preferences or favorites, there’s something to suit.

7 – Yarn Winder

Handwinding & Tangled Yarn Begone!

Stanwood Needlecraft Hand-Operated Winder 4 ounce Yarn Ball Winder

Unwilling relatives won’t have to hold skeins for hours when the knitter in their lives receives a yarn winder. Give them the pure treat of neat yarn cakes.

The Stanwood Needlecraft Winder 4 ounce is a workhorse.

I’ve reviewed other yarn winders too.

Check Price On Amazon

8 – Yarn Swift

Keep Pesky Hanks & Skeins Under Control

Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Swift

Pair a yarn swift with a ball winder. Winding a ball of yarn is quick & easy. The recipient can get back to their hobby faster.

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9 – BeCraftee Yarn Storage Tote Bag

Keep Organized With This Knitting Gift


Compartments for everything a knitter uses. Current projects, needles, tools, crochet hooks & more.

Clheck Price On Amazon

10 – Knit & Purl Bag

Show Off Your Love Of Knitting

Knit Purl Tote Bag

Love the design of this canvas knitting tote.

An excellent canvas bag for knitting items and knitting supplies.

11 – Project Bags

Perfect For Knitting On The Go

JesabelleB Knitting Bag

This linen pouch is reversible. Beige linen & gray inside with leather tag. The pouch part holds little things while you work. Use this for a knitting travel bag.

12 – Knitting Cup

Combine Two Great Things In One!

I might look like I'm listening to you but in my head I'm knitting Coffee mug

A hot cup of tea or coffee is essential. These mugs bring smiles to a knitter’s face.

13 – Sunstruck Straight Needles Set

Smooth, Comfy Knitting

Sun Struck Straight needle set by Knit Picks

Beautifully crafted laminated birch. These sets are lightweight with sharp tapered points & comfortable.

Includes knitting needles in needle sizes

  • US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11 (3.50mm-8.00mm)

14 – Bamboo Circular Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Clover Takumi Bamboo Circular Interchangeable Needles

Clover Takumi knitting accessories are enjoyable to use. The silky finish of the bamboo knitting needles means the fiber doesn’t catch. Includes 12 knitting needle tips & five cord lengths. You don’t get a choice of cases, though.

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15 – Personalized Knitting Needles

For The Extra-Special Touch

Personalized Bamboo Knit Needles

Why not choose an Engraved Pair of Bamboo Needles; choose the wording.

  • Size – 5mm and 23cm long

16 – Rainbow Trout Yarn Bowl

Stop Yarn Balls Running Away

Rainbow Trout Yarn Bowl

A beautiful ceramic glazed stoneware bowl by Avior Pottery on Etsy. No more chasing the pesky ball of wool with yarn bowls on your side! Protects it from curious cats and kids too.

17 – Sparkles The Unicorn Stitch Markers

Keep Track Of Projects

Sparkles the Unicorn Stitch Markers

Add some cuteness to your knitting projects & track rows with these. (Aka stitch stoppers.) A loved one would find this adorable.

Starring Knit Pick’s mascot, Sparkles the Unicorn! For newbies and advanced knitters alike.

The package contains five total stitch stoppers (4 balls of yarn & one crafty unicorn) on a locking clip. Largest size: US 9.

18 – Stitch Counter

Never Lose Your Row Progress Again!

stitch counter

Knitters watch their favorite program and don’t lose count of their row or stitches. Much easier to stay in rhythm! A great budget gift.

Check Price On Amazon

19 – Clover Circular Stitch Holder

Never Lose Your Stitches

Clover Circular Stitch Holder

A convenient tool for holding stitches. Gives you a sense of security when you put your project down. Great for crocheters and other makers too.

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20 – Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Block Out All Distractions

BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones Silver

Perfect for when you don’t want to be disturbed for a bit of time. Chill out, listen to your favorite music mix or anything you want, and knit!

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21 – Extra Large Pompom Maker

Make Fun Beanies Galore

Extra Large Pom Pom Maker

Who doesn’t like extra-large pom-poms on knitted hats? Anyone can make large diy pom-poms with excellent results.

22 – Wooden Knitting Gauge

Find Needle Sizes Instantly

Wood Knitting Gauge

Every knitter needs one of these! The knitting needle gauge’s precise holes are perfect for measuring needles. US sizes & metric measurements are etched near each hole.

23 – Sock Blockers

Make Your Socks Shine!

Sock Blockers

Spring wooden sock blockers for blocking knitted socks. Different sizing options. See their Etsy store for another version of this great tool.

24 – Cable Stitch Needles

Perfect For Cable Knitting

Cable Stitch Needles

Some of the best gifts for knitters who knit cables. These are super convenient. Different sizes, the larger ones hold more stitches.

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25 – Stork Scissors

Makes A Simple Task Pleasurable

Stork Scissors

These sewing scissors brighten the mundane task of cutting loose ends. A good option for a stocking filler.

26 – Blocking Set

Everything You Need To Block

Knit Picks Blocking kit - blocking mats, blocking wires, pins

Knitting tools like blocking mats make a knitter’s life easier. They show the true beauty of the techniques of lace or knitted fabric.

27 – Hands-Free Light

No More Squinting To See Stitches

hands free light

One catchall for seeing intricate work & also when sharing a room with others. Works well when using a dark ball of fiber. Choose the brightness settings. Goes around the neck.

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27 – Glow-In-The-Dark Needles!

In Night, See Clear As Day

Needlelite Lighted Knitting needles

Think of all the dark events where you can’t knit –

  • A movie theater
  • In bed
  • on the couch
  • Around the campfire

Now you can! It illuminates your work without disturbing others.

28 – Stress Relief Gloves

Soothes Arthritic Or Sore Hands

Stress Relief Gloves by Lion Brand

These gloves ease pain & stiffness without restricting movement. Lightweight, fingerless & providing support. Great arthritis gloves for women & men.

29 – Dragonfly Shawl Pin

Dress Up Your Wraps

A lovely knitwear jewelry accessory for the lovers of knitted shawls. These shawl pins are suitable for people sensitive to brass, as there’s none present.

Dragonfly Shawl Pin

30 – Enamel Pins For Knitters

Display Your Knitting Pride

Enamel Pins For Knitters

Attach this pin to knitting bags, totes, a sweater, scarves & knitting accessories.

31 – Snarky Knitting Buttons

Perfect For Having A Laugh

Snarky Knitting Pins

There’s always room for ‘tongue in cheek’ humor. Wear with pride on something like a scarf.

32 – Dragonfly Beaded Stitch Markers

Add Beauty To A WIP

puppy holding yarn pin

These are used to mark pattern changes. Slide them on and off of your knitting needles as needed.

Set includes one lead marker with dragonfly charm and eight matching beaded ones. Rings are closed, smooth, snag-free, and come in 3 sizes.

Check Price On Amazon

33 – Pom Pom Mag

A Great Knitting Magazine To Read

Pom Pom Magazine

Our readers recommend the Pom Pom Quarterly magazines, in print or digital. This publication has fab knitting project inspiration, content on other crafts, & covers the four seasons.

34 – Knitting Journal

For All Your Knitter’s Notes

Knitting Journal

Paper is easy to lose in the mess of any desk! Perfect for knitters to keep their notes, knitting patterns, knitting ideas & inspiration in one organized space. Super stylish!

They’re blank, so you can sketch designs and plans and stick in photos for inspiration and creations you have in mind.

35 – Mini Notebooks

Makes A Great Project Tracker

Mini Knitting Notebooks

Replace easily-lost pieces of scrap paper with these! Perfect for the beginner and experienced knitter alike. Small enough to stash in a knitting bag and great for jotting down notes. Five choices of cover designs with a cute flair.

36 – Personalized Fabric Labels

Make Your Mark

Personalized Fabric Labels

37 – Unique Handmade Yarn Bowl

Add Humor To Knitting

Unique Handmade Yarn Bowl

Made by Sue of SueHarroldPottery on Etsy, this is classy & keeps a ball of yarn from running around. 🙂 Store your notions in it too.

Make someone laugh with these funny gifts for knitters.

38 – Knitting Poster

Decorate Your Craft Room


A fun poster for your wall.

Check Price On Amazon

39 – Knitting Yarn Guide Ring

Knitting Yarn Guide Ring

Original knitting ring design by Vera. These rings are fabricated with eco-friendly vintage silverware.

The ring keeps fibers in place for faster knitting or crocheting. It also maintains consistent tension. Available in various sizes.

This is one of the best gifts for advanced knitters.

40 – Luxurious Mermaid Wrap Kit

Mermaid Wrap Knitting Kit by Lace Knittery

Create knitting kits from luxurious fiber & a pattern. Cashmere, Silk, Kid Mohair, Fine Merino, & Baby Alpaca.

This is the perfect gift to someone without going to a yarn shop. Such style!

41 – Chiaogoo Twist Tip Interchangeable Set

Chiagoo 7400-C Twist Tip Interchangeable Needles set

A quality, smooth stainless steel interchangeable set in a knitting needle case. I love knitting with Chiaogoo needles.

Check Price On Amazon

42 – Mannequin Dress Form

Always Get Perfect Measurements

Blue 13 Dials Female Fabric Adjustable Mannequin Dress Form

This knitting related gift is perfect for the advanced knitter who creates garments.

Check Price On Amazon

43 – Color Hexababy Set

Make a Baby Blanket & Cardigan

This makes a bright and colorful cardigan for newborns. Also, a hexagonal patch blanket to match.

44 – Luxury Yarns

Make Knitting A Truly Luxurious Experience!

Knit Picks Luxury Yarns

Luxury yarn gifts like Cashmere, Silk, Mohair, Baby Alpaca, or fine Merino will be well-received! They’re some of the best gifts for a knitter.

Your knitter will adore one of these from Knit Picks. A gift card is another idea.

45 – Knit Afghan Block Of The Month Club

Annie’s Knit Afghan Block-of-the-Month Club is a monthly subscription with yarn & instructions. Create a gorgeous afghan!

46 – Knit Crate

A Subscription Box Of Yarny Goodness

Don’t have much yarn or prospects of what to make? This monthly subscription has luxury fibers plus crochet & knit patterns.

Why not pair a gorgeous knitting pattern from Ravelry with the yarn?

Ravelry has a vast collection of digital knitting patterns from fabulous designers. You’re sure to find the perfect one! From beginners to advanced stitching to learning a new technique, there’s something for everyone.

Click “Send as Gift” when checking out. (You have to be a member to access the full site.)

47 – Happy Birthday Knitting Card

Have A Ball Card

Loved ones would like this card celebrating their passion! Thoughtful presents make experiences like birthdays remarkable. KraftStreetPaperCo creates many unique ones and prints them on high-quality stock.

48 – Cat Butt Coasters

A Funny Decor Choice

Cat Butt Drink Coaster

These are hilarious gift ideas for knitters. They’d make a great gift for knitters with a sense of humor!

Check Price On Amazon

I featured many high-quality & unique items in this gift list & guide to knitting gift ideas. I hope you discovered something with this information!

The knitting presents will delight 🙂 Why not share these gift guides on social media?

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