11 Striped-Sweater Outfits and the Best Styles to Shop

There’s one simple fall item I’ve been seeing all over the feeds of some of my favorite fashion follows. Yes, I am, in fact, referring to the striped sweater. When I recently opened my Saved folder on IG, I legit counted 10 outfit ideas I liked that featured the trusty elevated basic. It makes perfect sense, really. A striped sweater—typically one that’s cream with navy stripes or the reverse—is highly versatile. It also has a low-key vibe (especially in a relaxed silhouette) that instantly makes an ensemble feel effortless in that “je ne sais quoi” kind of way.

Fun fact: I typically go for a classic knit in a solid neutral, but I actually ordered a striped sweater because I’ve been so inspired by the chic looks in question. For reference, I got this A+ option from Alex Mill. So with all that in mind, I rounded up standout outfits featuring the easy-to-style basic. Keep scrolling for a range of some of the best striped sweaters to shop.

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